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Insights into the future: dnp!

Our passion is the future: decentralized network peers.

We are dnp.

We are revolutionising data exchange on the Internet.
...and disrupt the disrupters.

How we will change the world

About dnp

Insights into dnp


In three giant leaps, we will change the status-quo:

  • We make IoT devices p2p-capable:
    share data directly. more security and privacy. less system complexity and costs.
  • IoT devices will get an inter-application understanding and collective intelligence:
    understand data from other devices autonomously. no more software bridges.
  • We enable a human-like communication between devices:
    new features and possibilities - never seen before.

What do mean by human-like communication between devices? Watch >this< and find out.

The World of dnp

Where We Are

Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly advancing field and various levels of autonomy are being added to systems that we use daily. Many modern vehicles have self-parking capabilities, sensors to maintain safe following distance, and more. Home and mobile assistant technologies like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant are growing in popularity and use. “Smart homes” are becoming ever more affordable and easy to use.

But these systems have shortcomings. Some are specialised to the point of being disconnected from any systems that they are not made to specifically interact with. Others rely on centralised services that pose risks of data loss/theft, or interruption of service.

As these systems grow in popularity, size, and complexity, these shortcomings and the risks that stem from them also grow.

Our Mission

The DNP project seeks to mitigate these risks by solving the shortcomings of incompatible and centralised systems by providing a framework for a decentralised, common communication network that remains as available as the internet itself.

More generally, we offer a revolutionary technology that provides new ways of enabling communication between people and things. We make information generally available and understandable between systems and people.

We provide a path for device manufacturers to this new communication network and foster the development of a new kind of intelligent device. This mission provides for a vision of the future in various phases: short term, mid term and long term.

Our Vision

Short Term (3-5 Years):
Decentral Ecosystem for IoT devices and p2p-Applications

Mid Term (5-10 Years):
Decentral Ecosystem for Operatively Autonomous Devices

Long Term (>10 Years):
Base-layer for the "Future Internet"

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The World Beyond dnp

We understand DNP to be a critical part of a larger set of technological improvements that shape our future vision but not the only part. As DNP grows, we will foster and support growth in other technologies that work towards our vision, and are confident that developers of those technologies will foster and support DNP for the same ends.

For greater operative autonomy within devices, further steps in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and environmental/situational sensing are required in addition to DNP providing the communication layer.

Once devices are operatively autonomous, the next logical step is for them to be financially autonomous. No device (or person) can be considered truly financially autonomous when a third party such as a bank or payments operator is involved in financial transactions. Financially Autonomous Devices therefore require a form of money that is both digital and self-sovereign, allowing for the devices to themselves receive, hold, and transmit currency instead of a third-party holding and transmitting it on their behalf. For this, the world of Bitcoin and specifically the Lightning Network can play an integral role.

Insights into dnp

This webpage is under construction. Soon will come more. If you want to get more information, please contact us.

dnp at Hannover-Messe Digital Days and IDT 2020

DNP - What do we mean by human-like communication between devices?

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This webpage is under construction. Soon will come more. If you want to get more information, please contact us.

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